For Producers:

I present a time and cost-effective commodity on and off set. For productions that have a multitude of off-camera dialogue I can be brought in as an alternative to rearranging actor's schedules, time constraints or travel obligations. In addition, this will allow the script supervisors to focus on their main tasks of continuity and camera shots. The other advantage while on set is that i am readily available to rehearse , run dialogue and help actors memorize their lines, consequently, shaving time off production days by helping the actor be completely prepared.

For Directors and Script Supervisors:

For directors, what I provide is an aide to the everyday working production by being of service to the script supervisor, working with the actors on and off set, and offering a time effective solution for any off-camera dialogue that may arise.

The assistance I offer the script supervisor is to carry the weight of off-camera dialogue, rehearse with the actors and deliver any new line changes or scenes that may suddenly arise, letting the script supervisor focus on their main priorities of continuity, camera shots and over all detail required of their job.

For Actors:

For the actor, what I offer is really contingent on what the individual actor requires. I am available for running lines on and off set, rehearsing and/or incorporating new line changes for memorization and feeding off-camera dialogue. Depending on the actor's personal training choices, I am available to rehearse the full lines of the other characters, deliver the cue lines flat, or if convenient and requested, read them with enough emotion so the actor can work out their own timing. What has also proven itself to be helpful is the sensitivity and availability I provide for the actor. Examples would include staying close to set for rehearsal time in between takes; running lines before production starts; rehearsing dialogue for auditions; the ability to perform the dialogue in a way that allows the actor to make their own acting choices without being dictated by me; and for the non-actor guest performers I can help them not only learn their lines but can help them give a believable performance.

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