"The work I did on "24" over the last several years would not have been possible with out the off-camera dialogue dedication I got from Marci. I cannot emphasize enough how lucky you would be to work with her."
-Kiefer Sutherland

"In the ever changing world of producing a television series you need every advantage you can get in making todays ambitious shooting schedules. On the Fox show "24" the intricate nature of the storytelling meant the script was always changing and improving making it a daily challenge to track and learn. Marci was a valuable asset to production on both these fronts working with the actors and the script assistant."
-Jon Cassar
Executive Producer/Director

"Marci has the rare qualitiy of getting things done without stepping on anyone's toes. Professional script, character and dialogue understanding make her a very useful person to have on the set. As a 25 year DGA member and the UPM on "24," I was impressed how she helped the set run smoothly with prepared actors and excellent off camera work when neccesarry. She saves the production time and helps root out problems before they occur. She is good!"
-Craig West
Unit Production Manager

"Marci has a great personality, she cares about people and about the work. She found ways to help me when I didn't even know I needed it. Anything from running lines to helping with script logic questions. By the end of the run, we all relied on her expertise and compassionate, fun spirit."
-Mary Lynn Rajskub

"I wouldn't have survived working on "24" as long as I did without Marci's insight, work ethic, sense of humor, calming energy, professionalism and unconditional help and support. She is a gift to all she attends. Besides the money I was making, she's the reason I didn't walk long before they killed me off."
-James Morrison

"On a show like "24", where much of the action takes place off camera, Marci's talent and 100% commitment was an invaluable resource informing my performance and all on camera work."
-Sprague Grayden

"Marci was a tremendous help with off camera dialogue to Mr. Sutherland and the rest of the "24" cast. She was truly a great help to the script supervisor and myself."
-Nicole Burke
1st Assistant Director

"Marci has been an indispensable asset during 7 seasons of "24." She is a detailed oriented and has worked with numerous actors, running lines off set and reading off camera dialogue -with feeling- during scenes. Marci became Kiefer Sutherland's go to dialogue consultant for help with his trademark rapid fire delivery of techno infused dialogue. She has a great sense of humor and a delightful disposition that helps create a comfortable working environment for actors and crew alike. I would not hesitate to hire Marci on my next project and look forward to working with her again in the near future."
-Richard Rosser
1st Assistant Director

"As Script Supervisor on "24", I found Marci to be of invaluable assistance. We did an unusual number of phone calls, which requires someone to do the off camera reading. Marci rehearsed the dialog with the actors and read the off camera parts, which helped them tremendously. Having Marci read off camera allowed me to pay proper attention to camera shots, matching and correct dialog. She was a great asset to our show."
-Anne Melville
Script Supervisor

"As a Script Supervisor  for 15 years I have been in many situations that I wish I had an off camera dialogue reader permanantley onset to assist me during takes.  Script Supervisors are required to pay full attention to all details during a shot and to be reading off camera takes your attention away from the detail of continuity.  For 7 seasons on "24" Marci was a much welcomed addition to our crew and a breath of fresh air to my job that usually has no time to spare.  Having an off camera dialogue reader is a must on any show which requires multiple phone call scenarios."
-Paula Hunziker
2nd Unit Script Supervisor Fox's series "24"  season 1-9






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